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Sunday in the Park with Cooper

OK, OK, I promise not every post will be about our new son. But with spring creeping up on us oh-so-quickly, I can’t help but get excited about taking the little guy to one of the great parks in our neighborhood. One of my personal favorites has always been Cobble Hill Park on Clinton and Congress… this well-kept greenspace is tucked away next to the most adorable residential street (Verandah Place), and has plenty of tables where you can often see older gentleman playing dominoes in harmony with young professionals clicking away on their laptops. There’s a small playground area, and plenty of benches on which to just sit back and enjoy the weather. It’s total perfection for a sunny spring day. What are some of your favorite parks? Any tips to share on which are family-friendly?

2 Responses to “Sunday in the Park with Cooper”

  1. All I know is, before we know it Coop will be working out in that new kids’ gym on Atlantic by the YMCA. Show ‘em your muscles, Cooper!

  2. [I realize I can't post to the whole group - but if anyone reading this can post it to your building's internal message board or e-mail list, I'd appreciate it very much.] - I’m a reporter for the New York Times, doing a story for the real estate section about living in downtown Brooklyn. I’m looking for a couple or family living at 53 Boerum Place to interview for the story, just about their experience living in the neighborhood, what brought them there, what they look forward to, etc. No photographs, just a brief interview. I can be reached at - Thanks!

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