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Trader Friggin Joe’s!

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but when you hear about something that is too good to be true, you have to give it a little while to sink in. Trader Joe’s, the eclectic and upscale grocery with down-to-earth prices isn’t just moving into Brooklyn, it’s moving in two blocks away from 53Boerum!

While there has never been a shortage of excellent grocery and food options in the neighborhood: Sahadi’s, Garden of Eden, Key Food, Pacific Green Gourmet and the farmers market at Borough Hall, Trader Joe’s has been our holy grail of grocery collection for some time now.

There’s something about dining on dried blueberries and wine…

2 Responses to “Trader Friggin Joe’s!”

  1. i am grodzki. hear me roar.


  2. Love the Trader Joe’s addition. NY is a happier place because of it. One thing I found surprising was the reference to Key Foods in the “excellent grocery” category. I’ve got a particularly bad taste in my mouth from Key Foods because I live a block away from the one in Bushwick and it really pales in comparison with some of the nicer ones like out in Park Slope and the like. Ain’t nuttin nice out here in the Wick!


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