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Resident Spotlight: Pamela Quinn & The Sweet Divines

When it seems like all that’s going on in the music industry is Britney’s custody battle and Amy Winehouse’s drug habit, it’s easy to forget about all the not-yet-discovered talents out there. Lucky for us at 53 Boerum, one of them lives right here in the building!

Pamela Quinn is 1/4 of The Sweet Divines, a quartet of strong, soul-singing women (don’t dare call them a girl group) who will blow you away with their amazing vocals, unique ’60s vibe, and adorably matching wardrobe. There’s no production smoke-and-mirrors here, people. These ladies can just sing.

Check out their site at and don’t miss their upcoming show at Union Hall on February 16. Their recent show at Magnetic Field sold out, so get your tickets early. And while you’re at it check out some sample MP3s, especially Honeythistle. I can’t get it out of my head!

One Response to “Resident Spotlight: Pamela Quinn & The Sweet Divines”

  1. this is fantastic. go pamela!

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