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Ami Underground

Next time you’re on the 2 train, totally riveted by an article in The Times, and think nobody is paying attention — think again. You just might be the subject of a new series of drawings by Brooklyn-based illustrator Ami Plasse. Ami, a resident of neighboring Brooklyn Heights, has been drawing on the train on and off for the past 11 years and finally began publishing his drawings on a blog — appropriately named — Ami Underground. His expressive sketches take ‘people watching’ to a new level and capture the unique mix of characters and fleeting moments that are quintessentially New York.

Ami’s talents aren’t limited to his subway sketchbook. Check out his complete portfolio of design, illustration and animation at

2 Responses to “Ami Underground”

  1. rad. takes subway people-watching to a whole new level of awesome.

  2. I am looking to buy in your building and am just curious of some pros and cons of the building. The building seems great very convenient and the only negative seems to be the HOD but its the city so what are you going to do. I appreciate any help. Thanks…

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